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Teacher Recommendation Form Rising 1st - 5th Graders Hebrew/Judaic Studies

Thank you for taking the time to provide Atlanta Jewish Academy with the following evaluation information.  Your assessment of the Applicant helps us determine how to best meet his/her educational needs.  Please make sure the information your provide is complete and accurate. Incomplete and/or incorrect information may results in a delay or denial of admission.  The Applicant's parents WILL NOT be given a copy of your responses.
There are 18 questions in this survey.
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Student's Name
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Current Grade
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Applying to Grade
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Teacher or administrator, please check the areas listed below with the appropriate response.  
Demonstrates ability to concentrate
Demonstrates self control - physical activity
Demonstrates self control - verbal activity
Demonstrates ability to adapt to change in daily schedule
Demonstrates ability to make transitions from activity to activity
Demonstrates organizational skills
Demonstrates self motivation
Demonstrates positive peer relationships
Demonstrates ability to work independently
Demonstrates ability to work in a group
Demonstrates ability to cope with competitive situations
Demonstrates ability to maintain classroom behavioral expectations
Demonstrates ability to handle disappointment
Please comment on anything marked Below Average or you feel would be helpful for us to know.
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Teacher or administrator, please rate the following with the appropriate response pertaining to Hebrew Language, 5 being extremely proficient and 1 being little to no exposure.
Ability to read Hebrew print and cursive
Ability to write Hebrew cursive
Ability to speak in Hebrew
Ability to understand Hebrew directions/ conversations
Ability to read and translate Chumash text
Please comment on anything marked below a 3.
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Please list the names and publishers of any materials used for teaching.
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Is there anything about this student’s academic, social, emotional or behavior performance that puzzles and/or interferes with their learning?
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Please describe the nature of the student's relationship with teachers/authority.  
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Please describe the child's relationships with peers.
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Please describe parental involvement.  
Please give additional information that you think would be helpful to the Atlanta Jewish Academy in assessing and planning for this student.
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